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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector

The Fire Department owns a carbon monoxide detector to assist while responding to CO calls. The meter will detect the parts per million of CO in the air and the resident will receive a fact sheet on CO exposure limits.

It is important to note that Fire Department cannot test your home appliances or gas lines for leaks. However, the CO fact sheet will have contact information for the major utilities in the Cambridge Fire Service Area.

Local Business owners and employees

Members of the CFD will be going around to all the local business's to set up a "Pre-incident Plan". What we are doing is taking a look at the building, the contents of the building, locations of fire alarms, exits, hazardous materials, sprinkler hook up, and hydrants. By gathering this information we are able to make a plan of attack if the unthinkable should happen. Making a safer environment for us and for you.

Extrication Equipment Purchased through donation from Cambridge Fire Relief Association

The Cambridge Fire Department was the recipient of a $18,000 donation from the Cambridge Fire Relief Association. These funds were raised at the Relief's annual gun raffle held on January 30, 2010. The City used these funds to purchase Hurst Extrication Tools for the Fire Department.

Several firefighters have attended first responder training and the entire department has been trained on proper extrication procedures. With the training completed and the tools purchased, the Cambridge Fire Department will begin assisting Isanti County Safety and Rescue on accident scenes as needed.