Taxpayer Receipt

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Tax Document IconAre you interested in knowing what your City taxes pay for? View your Taxpayer Receipt.

This receipt gives an estimate of what 2019 City property taxes are paying for. This receipt does not include your County or School District Share of your tax bill. Of your 2019 property taxes, approximately 42% goes to the City of Cambridge.

Provide Input on 2021 Budget and Tax Levy

Once you have visited the Taxpayer Receipt application, we invite you to review the preliminary draft of the 2021 budget through an application called Balancing Act. The 2020 budget is currently “in balance” as proposed revenues equal proposed expenditures. We invite you to make simulated changes to the budget just keeping in mind that if you reduce taxes, you also need to reduce expenditures. Please understand that if you reduce taxes, you must also reduce expenditures (services).

How the City Budget Works