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The City of Cambridge is committed to deliver all public services in a professional manner and respond promptly to all citizen inquiries and concerns. General questions can be directed to (763) 689-3211.


The Administration Department oversees the general policies and procedures of the City and is responsible for everyday activities associated with operating a City efficiently. Administration also conducts elections.


The Finance Department provides financial management services to departments and City Council. They are responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and utility billing. The Department administers the preparation and monitoring of the City’s annual budget, cash management and investments and prepares the City’s Long Range Financial Plan. The services of this department allows other departments to make reliable management decisions and achieve their goals and objectives while maintaining the integrity of the city’s long range financial plan. Finance also oversees the housing division which manages Bridge Park Apartments.

Community Development

The Community Development Department is dedicated to maintaining a healthy and vibrant city for those who live, work, and play in the City of Cambridge. They are committed to improving the physical, social, and economic health of the community.

The Community Development Department is comprised of the below listed divisions.

Economic Development

A goal of the Economic Development Division is to protect and enhance the quality of life for the City of Cambridge residents in a stable, sustainable local economy. The purpose of the Economic Development Division is to retain existing businesses in the community and assist them in expanding their facilities, while attracting new companies. The division also disperses information about incentive programs such as JOBZ and Tax Increment Financing.

Planning and Zoning

The primary purpose of the Planning and Zoning Division is to administer and enforce the City of Cambridge’s zoning regulations and Comprehensive Plan. The Division guides public and private development through development policies and reviews standards in order to create and maintain a balanced community.

The Planning Department is responsible for reviewing subdivision plats, commercial and residential site plans, rezoning applications and use permits along with variance requests. Our City Planner reviews items such as fencing, grading and drainage, building setbacks, available parking, signage and lighting. The City Planner works closely with the City Engineer, Building Department as well as the Public Works Department to ensure that any approvals do not conflict with the operational duties of other city departments. Our City Planner is the staff liaison to the Planning and Zoning Commission which meets on a monthly basis.


The scope of the Building Division is to enforce the State Building Code which the Council adopts. The purpose of the State Building Code is to establish minimum requirements to safeguard the public health, safety, and general welfare.

The Building Department aids in obtaining appropriate permits and performs inspections of work completed so that structures are built in compliance to the State Building Code and other local ordinances. The Building Department also conducts inspections of neighborhoods throughout the City on a complaint basis to identify properties that violate the City’s codes. The purpose of code enforcement is to protect the public health, safety, and welfare of existing buildings and to protect the integrity of the City. Common complaints include abandoned houses, vehicles, noxious weeds, junk, outdoor storage and the like.

Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for street maintenance, ground maintenance, and ensures the City parks have equipment, trails, and each citizen has recreational opportunities within the City. Maintenance includes patching, seal coating, mowing of road sides and street sweeping, and snow and ice removal from city streets. The street maintenance division is responsible for 55.6 miles of public streets, 35 miles of sidewalks, and street lights. The Public Works Director is the liaison for the Parks, Trails, and Recreation Commission.


The Utilities Department is charged with the operation of the wastewater treatment plant which collects and treats all sewage from the collection system and for the operation of the water system so that a continuous quality supply of water is furnished. The department ensures that all city sewer mains are inspected and cleaned to assure proper operation. They operate and maintain 4 wells which pump more than 230,000,000 gallons of water annually. More than 2,800 customers are served by 45.2 miles of water mains and 44.1 miles of sanitary sewer mains. Utility fees fund the operation, maintenance and capital improvements of the City’s water and sanitary sewer systems.

The Utilities Department also maintains the City's storm sewer network. As an MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System), the City is required to manage stormwater runoff to protect water quality. The Utilities Department aims to reduce the amount of sediment, pollution, and other illicit discharges, that enter surface and groundwater from storm sewer systems. To learn more about illicit discharge and water quality, visit the Stormwater Information page.


The Mission of the Cambridge Police Department is to provide efficient and effective law enforcement service to our community. This will be achieved by maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity through consistent and impartial enforcement of the law. By forming partnerships with its citizens, the Police Department can reduce crime and improve the quality of life for all.


The Cambridge Fire Department proudly serves and protects over 20,000 residents in our service area. Our service area includes City of Cambridge and all or parts of Cambridge TWP, Isanti TWP, Fish Lake TWP, Springvale TWP, North Branch TWP and Bradford TWP. We operate out of one fire station that protects an area of approximately 100 square miles. Our volunteer department is a 30 member, paid on-call department.

We offer a wide range of services to the community including: Fire Suppression and a Technical Rescue Team that responds to Auto Extrications, Farm Extrication, Confined Space Rescue, Hi-Angle Rope Rescue and Cold Water Rescue emergencies in our service area.

The Cambridge Fire Department currently has an ISO rating of a 4.

Northbound Liquor

In 2010, 209 Minnesota cities operated 242 municipal liquor stores. Minnesota municipalities were originally authorized to own and operate liquor establishments as a means of controlling the sale of alcohol. For many communities, municipal liquor operations provides another source of revenues to supplement traditional tax and fee revenues.

Northbound Liquor Store features a special “Wine Market” section which highlights the store’s impressive wine selection of over 1,400 wines. They also have over 800 different beers to choose from and 1,100 liquors.