Airport Advisory Board

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The Airport Advisory Board shall consist of five to nine members who shall be appointed by the City Council. Of the members, at least one member shall be appointed from the City Council. Members may succeed themselves at the pleasure of the City Council. The members will be selected in part for their knowledge and/or experience in aviation, and their familiarity with the Cambridge Airport and community. Terms of office for members other than the City Council representative shall be for three years.

Board members are:

Garry Bye
Kurt Daudt
Brandon Grell
David Morell
Greg Regnier
Marvin Timm
Steve Wegwerth
Lisa Iverson, City Council Representatives

Duties of the Advisory Board

  • Develop and review the Cambridge Municipal Airport layout plan.
  • Promote public interest and understanding of the Airport Zoning and physical development of the Municipal Airport.
  • Meet quarterly or when needed on the Thursday preceding the regular City Council meeting at 7:00 p.m. and keep a public record of its resolutions, findings and determinations.
  • Cooperate and consult with the Minnesota Department of Aeronautics and with Federal Aviation Administration in the development, maintenance and operation of the Cambridge Municipal Airport and with all other Federal and State authorities.
  • Develop and submit to the City Council for adoption policies pertaining to the general management of the Airport and the use of Airport facilities, and to recommend various fees and rates for the use of the Airport facilities.
  • Receive quarterly report of activities from the Airport Manager.
  • Recommend seminar attendance for Airport Manager and members of the Airport Advisory Board as provided for in the Airport budget.

Meeting Minutes