The City of Cambridge budget comes from City Council discussions with staff which are informed by past results and input received from residents in a variety of ways. While the City Council takes final action on the budget each December, developing the budget is a year-round process.

The public is invited to attend any or all City Council meetings where the budget is discussed. The City also provides additional engagement opportunities for residents who wish to participate in the budget process.

2021 Budget Process Starts in May 2020

May 2020  Draft budgets are due from Department Heads to Finance Department
 June 29
 City Council reviews first draft of the 2021 budget
 Aug. 31
 City Council reviews second draft of the budget and year to date spending
 Nov. 16
City Council reviews third draft of the 2021 budget and discusses utility rates
 Dec. 8
Truth in Taxation - Budget and Levy Hearing
 Dec. 21
City Council approves the final budget for 2021