The Cambridge Police Department does not currently have officers dedicated strictly to retail crime, however, there are members designated to assist you. In effort to build relationships with our retailers, we've put together an informational packet to assist you in dealing with retail crime. The guide is meant only to assist in the processes of:

  • Identifying
  • Reporting
  • Preventing

The guide is not meant to replace Federal or State laws. Minnesota statutes can be found online.

Access the Retail Guide


We've provided a three-page theft report form that includes sections for most of the information that will be required by police to make a report. We've also included a generic trespass notice form.

These forms are for your convenience. If you have your own documentation, we encourage you to cross reference with what we've provided to ensure you're capturing everything necessary, but continue to use your own forms. Your forms can be submitted with our reports easily.

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