Mosquito Control

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Mosquito Population Reduction

No Mosquitos SymbolThe City of Cambridge implements an annual mosquito population reduction effort. The goal is to reduce the number of nuisance mosquitos. Mosquitos are not only a nuisance, but can be transmitters of serious disease.

Mosquito population is monitored and spray schedule is determined based on counts in the traps and resident complaints. To make a complaint, contact Public Works at (763) 689-1800.


The majority of spraying will be done between Mid-May through the end of September. Our equipment is tested each year to ensure correct flow rates.

Dates will be posted to the website and social media as spray schedule is determined.


The product used is Permanone.

What Can You Do?

We encourage property owners to do several things to help reduce the local mosquito population:

  • Eliminate trash, tires and containers that may hold water and create breeding sites
  • Store boats covered or upside down
  • Empty plastic wading pools at least once per week and store them inside when not in use
  • Keep rain gutters and down spouts in good repair, make sure no water remains after a storm
  • Fill depressions in the lawn that hold water
  • Keep clean water in pet water bowls, bird baths, plant saucers and trays
  • Store pails, barrels, tubs, boats, wheel barrows, etc. upside down
  • Keep shrubs, lawns and weeds trimmed to eliminate shady places for mosquitos
  • Keep screens intact and tight-fitting to prevent insects from entering your home

Contact Public Works with questions or concerns about mosquito population or control. Call (763) 689-1800.