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Snow Removal

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Little Girl shoveling fire hydrantThe first snowfall of the year is always followed by a number of questions concerning the City’s rules concerning the removal of that snow that has just fallen on your sidewalk or driveway. Here are a few of the questions that are most frequently asked. Contact Public Works at (763) 689-1800 with any additional questions or concerns.



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  • What happens when it starts to snow?

  • Why do certain streets get more attention than other streets?

  • Why do they plow my driveway closed after I just cleaned it out?

  • Why can’t I push the snow from my driveway out into the street?

  • Why can’t I park on the street overnight?

  • Am I responsible for keeping my sidewalk shoveled?

  • Am I responsible for keeping the Fire hydrant in front of my house clear of snow?

  • Can I ride my snowmobile or ATV on city streets?