Recreational Fires

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Bonfire on a Beach

Bonfire Season

A relaxing backyard campfire is something we all enjoy. Staying safe and being mindful of neighbors is still important. A few rules apply to recreational fires:

  • No more than one recreational fire is allowed on any property at one time 
  • Burn only between 9:00 am - Midnight
  • Fire is conducted by a person at least 18 years of age tending to the fire at all times
  • Use dry, clean wood that produces little smoke or odor or soot beyond the property line
  • Fires must not smolder with no flame present and must be extinguished completely before quitting the occasion
  • Fire extinguishing equipment such as an operable fire extinguisher, buckets, shovels or garden hoses must be readily available and located within 10 feet of the fire site
  • No fires are allowed when wind speeds exceed 15 miles per hour based on weather channel reports for sustained winds at the time of fire
  • Fires must be 25' from all structures or combustible material
  • Fire must be surrounded by non-combustible material (rock, cement, brick, etc.)
  • A max of 3' diameter fire is permitted
  • Fire must burn cleanly in a manner that does not cause objectionable smoke beyond the property line, as determined by the fire official or police officer
  • Adult tending the fire must respect weather conditions, neighbors, burning bans and air quality requirements so that nuisance, health or safety hazards are not created

Read Chapter 90 on Fire Prevention for information on fires and barbecues. Contact City Hall with any questions or concerns.

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