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People playing pickleball

Welcome to Pickleball

The Cambridge Area Pickleball Association (CAPA) encourages and promotes the sport of pickleball, one of the fastest growing sports in the country.

You are free to find your own playing partners and start playing on an open court at your convenience, or also join us at one of our scheduled playing times! (See below.) Wooden paddles and pickleballs are provided during scheduled play.



The City of Cambridge Pickleball Courts can be found at:

Central Green Park
1455 Fern Street S
Cambridge, MN 55008

Pickleball Rules

Share the Courts

Typically there is OPEN PLAY that is social recreational play for everyone. However, there have been requests for certain times for ADVANCED PLAYERS and BEGINNING PLAYERS. Each player self-selects to be an advanced or beginning player. Generally courts 1 & 2 are used for recreational play and courts 3 & 4 for more competitive play.

Outdoor Schedule

All other times are free to create your own group
July, August & September 2019

 Player Group  Days  Time  Courts (1-4)
 OPEN PLAY  Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri  8AM - 12PM  All 4 Courts
 Advanced Play  Wednesday  8AM - 11AM  Courts 3 & 4
 Beginner / Intermediate Play  Wednesday  8AM - 11AM  Courts 1 & 2
 Women's Play  Friday  8AM - 11AM  Courts 1 & 2
 Advanced Play  Friday  8AM - 11AM  Courts 3 & 4
 OPEN PLAY  Tues & Thurs  6PM - Dusk  Courts 1 & 2
 Beginner / Intermediate Play  Monday  6PM - Dusk  Courts 1 & 2
 Drill N' Play  Wednesday  6PM - 8PM  Courts 1, 2 & 3