Bankshot Court

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Bankshot CourtWhat is Bankshot™?

Bankshot™ is a game of skill and challenge! It consists of a 9-station basketball court that takes players through a course of different backboards, angles and colored backboards. The sport is intended to be self-competitive. It's universally designed for all ages and abilities, including disabled participants. Participants play alongside, not against each other.

How to Play

Colored circles mark the shooting spots. Players are allowed 2 shots per circle. If you make your first shot, move onto the next position. Complete all circles before moving onto the next station.

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Bankshot Court Close UpWhere to Play

Brown Park is a 9.6 acre neighborhood park in Cambridge. Brown park has a 9-station Bankshot Court for individuals of all ages, skills and abilities. Brown Park is located at 905 24th Ave SW.