Bankshot Court

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Bankshot CourtWhat is Bankshot™?

Bankshot™ is a game of skill and challenge! It consists of a 9-station basketball court that takes players through a course of different backboards, angles and colored backboards. The sport is intended to be self-competitive. It's universally designed for all ages and abilities, including disabled participants. Participants play alongside, not against each other.

Check out a ball at City Hall

Stop in to City Hall, located at 300 3rd Ave NE, Cambridge to check out a ball or 2 for these unique courts. Simply come to the front desk, ask to check one out, take your pick and fill out the form. Please remember to return them within a week of check out.

How to Play

Bankshot Court Close UpA Bankshot player goes from one station to the next. At each station, you bank shots off the bankboards and through the nets. Depending on where you shoot from, you get a different number of points.

Colored circles mark the shooting spots. Try 2 shots from each circle to make one. If the first try is successful, move to the next shooting position. You must complete all 3 circles at each station before moving on.

10 points maximum at each station with bonus points at double hoop stations.

Blue Circle = 2 Points
Yellow Circle = 3 Points
Red Circle = 5 Points

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Where to Play

Brown Park is a 9.6 acre neighborhood park in Cambridge. Brown park has a 9-station Bankshot Court for individuals of all ages, skills and abilities. Brown Park is located at 905 24th Ave SW.