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Yuasa, Japan Sister City

Yusa photosYuasa town is located in the southwestern part of Japan, along the ocean.  The population of Yuasa is approximately 17,000.  Yuasa is known for many products in Japan's culture including:

  • 50% of the nation's harvest of oranges
  • pure mineral water
  • hot springs
  • fishing
  • the origin of soy sauce
  • the origin of "Kinzanji Miso" (bean paste)
  • trees

About 1,500 years ago a powerful Samurai family named Yuasa founded the town of Yuasa.  The Yuasa family was a warrior class and was known for its strong naval force.  The Yuasa family held power for 300 years in Japan, China and Korea.  Today Yuasa is known as the cultural and administrative center for this area of Japan.
Sister City Relationship
In March 1986, the sister city relationship between Yuasa and Cambridge began. In March 1994, Yuasa founded "YICES" (Yuasa International Cultural Exchange Society).
Cambridge visited Yuasa in 1994, 1995, 1999, 2002 (for the 150th anniversary of Taikyu High School), 2003, and 2012. Yuasa visited Cambridge in 1996 and 2001.
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