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Request for Bids or Proposals

Requests for Proposals






Notice is hereby given that the City of Cambridge will accept Proposals for Group Benefit Insurance Plans until 5:00 pm central time on September 2, 2016. RFP Packets will be delivered upon request in writing to the address below. All RFP requests and proposals submitted shall be clearly identified as “Group Benefit Insurance City of Cambridge”. All RFP copies of your sealed proposals should also be forwarded to the City at the following address:

City of Cambridge Health Insurance Proposals

c/o Bearence Management Group

2010 Centre Pointe Blvd.

Mendota Heights, MN 55120


Attn; Director of Sales

Please note that no formal opening of the proposals will take place. Proposals will be evaluated and the successful insurance carrier(s) will be determined and notified by October 1, 2016

The City reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals, waive formalities and to select the carrier and the benefit options that best meet the needs of the City and its employees. Any inquiries, clarification or forms should be directed to the listed.

Request for a New Sign 

The City of Cambridge is soliciting proposals for the creation of one (1) to two (2) signs that would be place behind the City Entrance sign. The signs are located Hwy 95 West and Hwy 95 East of Cambridge. The proposal would need to state the cost of creating and painting the sign, installing sign, material used and installation method used to mount on existing brackets.

Sign color as follows:

White lettering

Back ground color:  006A8D




Bidder must verify all measurement but preliminary sizes are.

West Hwy 95 sign is approximately: Height 88 inches, Width 151 inches

East Hwy 95 sign is approximately: Height 72 inches, Width 120 inches

The exit sign would read as follows:

Thank You

For Visiting


The sign would be fastened to the frame that already exist on the current sign or signs. Sign or signs must be completed and installed by October 14, 2016. Bidder must verify all dimensions. 

Bid responses are due by 12:00 Noon on August 10, 2016 and if submitted by US Mail should be submitted in a sealed envelope with “CAMBRIDGE EXIT SIGNS” written on the outside of the envelope to Stan Gustafson, Economic Development Director, 300 3rd Ave NE, Cambridge, MN 55008 or you can email your proposal to

Contractor is responsible for all clean up and restoration of site if areas are disturbed. Contractor is responsible to carry the required liability insurance and hold the city harmless.

The City reserves the right to award in the bid in the best interests of the City of Cambridge.