Request for Bids or Proposals


City of Cambridge Police Garage
Project Construction Date: Early Fall 2017


The City of Cambridge is seeking proposals through the best value contracting process to construct a 76' x 140' post framed and insulated climate controlled drive-through garage facility for storage of police vehicles. Desired proposals should meet or exceed the below exterior and interior specs, have space for a minimum of (18) 12' wide parking stalls, include an area for a storage room, mechanical room, vented gun cleaning area and rough in for a unisex bathroom.


Prepare a bid proposal response (including the Proper Response Form) that will meet or exceed the materials outlined below. Break down each section separately for review. Proposals should meet all local regulations or exceptions, as well as all State of Minnesota mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, building, and fire codes.

Final consideration for awarding the bids will be based upon:

  • Cost - 40%
  • Demonstrated Experieince/Contractor Interview - 25%
  • Design, Layout, & Technical merits - 25%
  • Timeliness of Performance - 10%

Proposals must include, but not limited to, the following items for the construction of the garage:

  • Demolition/Removal of one home with basement, one single car garage, one shed located on proposed site (see map). The proposal should include the cost associated with any excavation required to remove any debris and mature trees located on site. The proposal should also include the cost to remove any existing utility services as per city code. The proposal should include provisions for any required testing (see map).
  • Architecural drawings for building that include HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and optional in-floor heat in accordance with concept plans.
    • Concept plans including site plan, floor plan, elevations, and typical cross sections is being provided to bidders by the City via an independent contractor (see plans for details).

Exterior construction can include:

  • Post framed construction with metal insulated panels with false brick aesthetics; may also include rock face brick, stone, pre-cast panels, glass, stucco or synthetic stucco.
  • City Council preference would be decorative stone 4 feet in height with stucco finished panels or other city approved finish above 4 feet.
  • Exterior colors to be compatible to existing City Hall/Fire Station
  • Roof - Commercial grade asphalt shingles or standing seam metal
  • Overhead commercial garage doors (minimum of 16' W x 14' H to accommodate larger vehicles) shall be installled on both North and South ends of the structure for pull thru access. Doors must have easy manual over-ride to open and/or be wired for hook-up to the city's portable generator in case of power outage (emergency vehicles).
  • Exterior access door with push button access lock and key over-ride on South end of structure. Potentially double access door with key lock for access to mechanical room.

Interior construction must:

  • Meet all state building and fire codes for the interior wall construction and must include a sprinkler system for fire suppression.
  • Include 3 to 4 rooms, a minimum of 12' x 12' each, to include:
    • Storage room with double doors accessed by garage for police tactical and training equipment
    • Mechanical/sprinkler room with utility wash basin
    • Rough-in unisex bathroom (ADA) with space for future supply lockers
      • Proposal should include basic finished sheet rock walls and concrete flooring (no time) with plumbing rough-in.
      • Proposal can include the option of installing a toilet and sink
    • Gun cleaning area to accommodate an approximate 12' stainless steel counter or table with over-head style outside vent hood, and basic utility wash tub with plumbing. Prefer lockable room with door for security of weapons.
      • Proposal should include the above plus basic finished sheet rock or similar walls and concrete flooring - no tile.
      • Proposal can include the option of adding basic garage style upper and lower cabinets with under cabinet lighting.
      • Area must have counter height electrical outlets

Additional items for proposal shall include:

  • A trench floor drain system with required flammable waste traps and clean-outs
  • Cold and hot water plumbing for washing of vehicles in middle drive-thru bay area
  • Optional gas fired water heater (standard commercial or on-demand)
  • Vehicle air exchange or ventilation system required by OSHA
  • Air condition/cooling climate control required for other police department uses (gun cleaning, training, vehicle and equipment repairs)
  • Separate 2 phase electrical service for both a city provided air compressor and future pressure washer system
  • Option of exterior side or overhead skylights for natural lighting
  • Any required posts within the structure shall be wrapped with commercial grade pads to prevent damage to squads and painting of parking spaces within the structure (12')

Parties interested in providing proposals are invited to a pre-proposal meeting on July 20, 2017 at 3pm at Cambridge City Hall, 300 3rd Ave NE. Proposals should be returned to Lynda Woulfe, City Administrator, City of Cambridge, 300 3rd Ave NE, Cambridge, MN 55008 by 1pm on August 2, 2017. There will not be a public opening of hte proposals, but they will be evaluated by the City's Technical Review Committee. Interviews for this project will take place on August 9, 2017 beginning at 8:30 am. The selected contractor will need to execute a contract and general conditions as prepared by the City.

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Site Map:



To move or salvage a home located at 627 1st Ave East and/or 105 Cypress St S Cambridge, MN 55008.


Proposals are being accepted for this house to be moved off site and/or restored on your own lot. The house will be offered for sale by sealed bid, with preference given to proposals to move and restore the house. However, in the event that no such proposals are received, proposals for salvage will be considered. The house must be moved on or before October 15, 2017.

All permits, relocation costs, insurance requirements, and restoration costs for the house are the responsibility of the successful bidder. The successful bidder, whether moving or salvaging, will be required to clean up the site including all debris and remnants of the house from the site.

The successful bidder will be responsible for leaving the site in a stable, safe condition, including repairing/restoring any areas damaged during removal/salvaging operations, and bringing in necessary dirt to fill in and level the hole left from removing the foundation & footings including planting grass seed. Sealing off City, water and sewer, any necessary street repairs required by the City, electrical and natural gas lines. 

The successful bidder will furnish and erect a woven wire fence and height approved by the City of Cambridge completely enclosing the open basement. The fence shall be erected on the same day that the building is pulled away from the foundation. The fence must be kept in place until work begins on removal of the slab, foundation & footings within which needs to be completed within 30 days after the building has been removed including the hoe filled in.     

The successful bidder will remove the building foundation, if any, including foundations walls, footing, and basement slabs; also steps, private sidewalks, on-grade concrete slabs, and concrete or asphalt driveways. The excavation remaining after removal of the buildings will be filled to the level of the surrounding grade with clean granular-type fill material. Properly sloped and compacted and prevent ponding.   


The house is located at 105 Cypress St S, Cambridge, MN 55008

Year Built 1920

Two story single family home or Duplex

1876 square feet with aluminum exterior siding

Hot water heat heating

Double detached Garage

Storage Shed

Six (6) Bedroom, one (2) bath over a full basement

The house is being offered “as is” and without warranty of any kind. It may contain asbestos, lead paint, or other hazardous material.


The house is located at 627 1st Avenue E Cambridge, MN 55008

Year Built 1950

One and ½ story loft in upper level single family home

986 square feet with steel exterior siding

Central heating

Single detached Garage

Storage Shed

Two (2) Bedroom, one (1) bath over a full basement

The house is being offered “as is” and without warranty of any kind. It may contain asbestos, lead paint, or other hazardous material.


Parties who are interested in viewing the house are encouraged to set up a time with the City of Cambridge Economic Development Director during the week of July 17, 2017. Please contact Stan Gustafson (763)552-3209 or to set up an appointment.


Interested parties must accept the following key obligations:

The interested party must respond to this RFP by noon on Friday, August 21, 2017 at Cambridge City Hall Office (300 3rd Ave NE Cambridge, MN 55008). Proposals should be clearly marked “Request For Proposals: 627 1st Avenue East House Relocation” or  “Request For Proposal: 105 Cypress St South House Relocation”. Proposals received after the closing time and date will be returned unopened. Faxed or emailed proposals will not be accepted.

Financial Viability. All interested parties will be responsible for demonstrating that they have the financial capacity to perform the project, as described. Proof of financial capacity may include a certified financial statement or letter from an approved lending institution that the bidder can fulfill the obligation as listed.

The interested party must procure any and all permits and approvals from any and all regulatory agencies, utilities, etc., for relocation or salvage and provide copies to the City of Cambridge.

The interested party must enter into a purchase agreement in a form approved by the City Attorney’s Office incorporating all provisions determined reasonably necessary to allow the project to proceed, including but not limited to insurance, site cleanup requirements, acceptance of building “as is” and without warranty and an acknowledgement of the City’s right to demolish the building if it not relocated by the scheduled deadline.

The interested party must cover all moving costs associated with relocating or removing the house. The relocation of the house must be undertaken by a qualified, licensed house moving contractor. The demolition of the house must be undertaken by a qualified contractor. Qualifications of the house moving and/or demolition contractor will be subject to City approval. Any contractors will be required to provide evidence of at least $1,000,000.00 liability insurance and bonding. A house moving permit is required if the house is moved to a property within city limits and meet all necessary requirements from the City’s Building Official.

The interested party must be in a position to complete the relocation on or before October 15, 2017 (the final relocation date). In no event may the structure remain at the site after this date.


Please provide a concise and specific proposal that addresses each of the following areas:

 Proposed Use: A statement of the interested party’s intention to relocate or salvage

 the home. The proposed relocation site is also to be submitted.

 Proposed Strategy For Timely Completion: A statement of the date for removal of the structure from the property, as well as a description of the interested party’s strategy to accomplish the relocation of the house in a timely and professional manner.

Financial Capability: Proof that the interested party has the financial capability to perform the responsibilities of the project, such as: current bank records indicating sufficient funds on hand, a preapproved letter for a loan in sufficient size from a bank or similar lending institution or lender reference, or other similar types of documentation.

Other Factors: A description of any other factors that the City should take into consideration.


City staff will review the proposals, as well as any additional information that may be requested from the applicants, and make a recommendation to the City Council based on the following criteria:

The City of Cambridge clearly states its preference for relocation of this home whether on an approved site within the City or relocation of the home outside of the City of Cambridge is also acceptable.

The City of Cambridge will consider the financial terms of the proposals, although

preference will be given to relocation proposals rather than salvage proposals.

The City of Cambridge will consider the proposed date for removal of the structure in a

timely and professional manner. The City may require additional information regarding the financial aspects of the project, details on individuals or corporations involved in the project, or other information deemed necessary for review and final selection.


The City Council, at its sole discretion, may select the successful interested party under this RFP. The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals. The City reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to rescind its selection of any interested party under this RFP, and any subsequent agreement implementing its selection, in the event that the City determines, in its sole judgment, that:

The City cannot reach an agreement with the selected interested party under the

proposed terms and conditions for conveyance of the building to the interested party, and

There is any other procedural or substantive issue relating to the development of the

project. It is anticipated that the City Council will select the preferred proposal at the September 17, 2017 City Council meeting.


Specific questions regarding this RFP should be addressed to Stan Gustafson, Economic Development Director City of Cambridge, MN (763)552-3209 or from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Pictures of 627 - 1st Ave E


Pictures of 105 Cypress St S