Cambridge EDA

The City of Cambridge's EDA focuses on the important topic of economic development. The EDA is comprised of the Cambridge City Council. The EDA's mission is to promote our three industrial parks to current and prospective companies and to administer the housing program. For more information on the Cambridge EDA, please contact Stan Gustafson, Economic Development Director at (763) 552-3209.

The Cambridge EDA meets the third Monday of each month at 5:30 pm.

Economic Development Authority Members

President, Bob Shogren
(763) 245-6715

Vice President, Lisa Iverson
(763) 689-5399

Treasurer, Kersten Barfknecht-Conley
(763) 331-4818

Assistant Treasurer, Linda Gerlach
(763) 552-3204

Executive Director, Caroline Moe
(763) 552-3202

Board Member, Marlys Palmer
(763) 689-2894

Board Member, Jim Godfrey
(763) 552-3220

Secretary, Jennifer Cole
(763) 552-3213