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Request for Bids or Proposals

The City of Cambridge Bridge Park Apartments located at 121 Fern Street South is accepting sealed bids on 2 commercial washing machines.

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August 7, 2014

RE:  Demolition Bid Requirements for 362 AND 390 Roosevelt St. S. (PIN: 151620190 and 151620210)

Dear Contractor:

The City is contacting you to provide a bid for the demolition work to be completed at the above listed properties.   Demolition of the two foundation slabs is needed.  If you are interested, please submit a bid including the following items by August 22, 2014.  The following are the specifications required by the City that the contractor shall provide (please provide the cost or an explanation/acknowledgment for each of these items in your bid):

Call Gopher-One call before any digging.
Remove the foundation slabs and all debris including the foundation walls, footings, and all underground piping.
Back-fill the basement with packed clean sand.
Provide 3 inches of black dirt for top soil on top of sand, leveled appropriately and provide seed and water the grass.
Contractor must disconnect and cap the water services as approved by city.
Contractor must disconnect and cap the sewer services as approved by city.
Contractor will be required to obtain appropriate permits.
Contractor shall be insured and provide liability insurance with their submittal of bid.

Please contact me at 763-552-3207 if you have any questions.


Marcia Westover

City Planner