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Cambridge Volunteer Fire Department

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On November 1, 2013 if you are served by the Cambridge Fire Department, your homeowners insurance could be going down. We were recently re-tested by ISO and made some significant improvements in our classification for fire suppression services. We encourage you to call your agent and check since approximately 80% of all insurance companies use the ISO rating schedule to evaluate the readiness of the fire service.

Currently, if you reside within 1,000 feet of a City of Cambridge municipal hydrant we are rated at 6. On November 1st this will drop to a 4! This equals money savings to you the homeowner. Also for our rural residents, if you are within 5 miles of Cambridge Fire State #1 located at 300 3rd Avenue NE, Cambridge you are rated a 9. As of November 1st that will drop to a 7! We work extremely hard at providing you with the very best fire service we can. If you have further questions, please contact Chief Okerlund at 763-286-8633.


The Cambridge Fire Department is a 30 member paid, on-call department.  Current fire fighting apparatus includes three pumpers, one ladder truck, two tankers, three grass rigs, and a chief's car.  The Fire Department responds when dispatched by 911.

Contact us with any questions or concerns or to set up a tour, or a visit to talk about fire safety.

Phone: 763-689-3211
Fax: 763-689-6801


Fire Marshall
Mike Fabini
Fire Suppression Permitting and Code Enforcement
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Fire Department Officer Positions
Fire Chief Sean Okerlund
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Assistant Fire Chief Todd Tomczik
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Training Captain Dave Matchinsky
Training Lieutenant Jim Lentz
Equipment Captain Todd Schwab
Equipment Lieutenant Branden Sward
Tech Rescue Lieutenant Lucas Milz

Volunteer Fire Fighters
Chris Barnes
Kristy Becker
Corey Bustrom
Ryan Bustrom
Cory Carlson
Ryan Dale
Brian Dorsey
Son Duong
Brian Frilseth
Cory Haley
John Henderson
Neil Jennissen
Shawn Kirkeide
Jim Kowalik
Chris Lindquist
Scott Minar
Andrew Mix
Don Mueller
Edward Raati
Dean Schultz
Donny Ziebarth

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Trucks and Equipment

Cambridge Fire's Truck Capacities
E1   1500 GPM Pump
E2   1250 GPM Pump
E3   1250 GPM Pump
L1   1250 GPM Pump
T1   1800 Gallon Tank Capacity
T2   1900 Gallon Tank Capacity

Relief Association
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